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Beginning March 14, 2013 patrons of the New Jersey State Library - Talking Book and Braille Center will be receiving their magazines on a digital cartridge.


How the system works

Delivery schedule

Each patron's delivery schedule will be different as it depends on the magazines he/she is subscribed to. MOC (magazine on cartridge) program will determine a "trigger" magazine for each patron. A trigger magazine is defined as the magazine that will cause the contractor to send a cartridge to a patron. The trigger magazine for each patron is carefully chosen to optimize the timeliness of the cartridge and the magazines that it contains.

For example, if patron 12345 subscribes to 4 magazines: People, Good Housekeeping, Talking Book Topics, and National Geographic. MOC has determined that the trigger magazine for patron 12345 is People, because it is a weekly publication. When a new issue of People becomes available on BARD, MOC will create the picking list which the contractor will retrieve when it commences the duplication session. The picking list will contain entries for patron 12345 specifying the issues of the 4 magazines (People, Good Housekeeping, Talking Book Topics, and National Geographic) to be copied to a cartridge and sent to the patron. Note that Good Housekeeping and National Geographic are monthly publications and Talking Book Topics is a bimonthly publication. So patron 12345 should receive a cartridge every week. Some weeks it will only have People on it, others it will have People and any combination of the other three magazines that have new issues available.

Undeliverable cartridges

When the post office cannot deliver a magazine cartridge, it will be returned to the contractor who sent it out. For New Jersey, the contractor is:

Potomac Talking Book Services
4940 Hampden Lane, Suite 300
Bethesda, Maryland 20814


NJSL TBBC will be notified to verify patron and address.


Overdue cartridges

MOC will allot each patron a specific number of magazine cartridges he/she can have "out" at one time based on the frequency of magazines on the cartridge. The number of cartridges outstanding will adjust as cartridges are sent and returned. If a patron exceeds the number of magazine cartridges he/she can have out at one time MOC will cease notifying the contractor to send new magazines to that patron. Note that a delinquent status in MOC will not affect the patron's active stats in CMLS. MOC will generate a list of patrons who have exceeded the number of magazine cartridges and have become delinquent for each library daily. That list will be available on MOC for libraries to check. The name of patrons who are in the danger zone (close to becoming delinquent) will be e-mailed to the library once just before he/she becomes delinquent and once just after he/she has become delinquent and his/her magazine service is deferred.

Overdue Policy

There are two types of cartridges: weekly cartridges, which hold only weekly magazines, and monthly cartridges, which hold monthly/bimonthly/quarterly (and sometimes weekly) magazines. Any cartridge that has a monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly publication on it will be considered a monthly cartridge by MOC. Weekly cartridges will be designed as overdue when they are more than three weeks old. The weekly cartridge has a week to get to the patron. The patron has a week to read it. And the cartridge has the third week to get back to the contractor. Monthly cartridges will be designed as overdue when they are more than six weeks old. A monthly cartridge has a week to reach the patron. The patron has a month to read the magazines on it. And then the cartridge has a week to get back to the contractor. Patrons will be designated as delinquent and their magazine service will be deferred when the total number of cartridges they have overdue is three. Note that delinquent status in MOC is not a CMLS action. A patron can have his/her magazine service deferred but still receive books from his/her library.

For example, patron 00374 receives People magazine, a weekly publication, on a weekly cartridge. On the third week on each month National Geographic, a monthly publication, is also on his weekly cartridge, which deems that cartridge a monthly cartridge. If he does not return any cartridges it will take him five weeks from the date his first weekly cartridge was sent out to become delinquent. If he returns his first two cartridges (both weekly) and then starts using his cartridges as door stops he will become delinquent at the ninth week, with one overdue monthly cartridge and two overdue weekly cartridges. If his network library contacts him and asks him to return some cartridges to prevent his service from being deferred he would have to send the overdue cartridges back. This is important to note because by the ninth week, having only returned the first two cartridges, he will have seven cartridges in his possession. If he sends back one of the later weekly cartridges, he will continue to be delinquent (and not receive new magazines). The MOC system keeps a record of each cartridge's serial number, so patron 00374 will not begin receiving new magazines until he returns the overdue cartridges that caused his service to be deferred.

As a second example, patron 49832 receives Talking Book Topics, a bimonthly publication, on a monthly cartridge. She receives the first one in February, the second one in April, and the third one in June. If she does not return at least one cartridge by the time the third one becomes overdue (6 weeks old), she will not receive the next issue in August.